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Isolation of Choice

on June 15, 2010

Transition is all about choice and the effects of the decisions we make along the road.  As we navigate the many options available to us we make the best decision we can with the information available to us at the time.

You may have heard the expression, “hindsight is 20/20”.  The reason for this is simple.  Looking back you have more information available so you can make a better decision.  Knowing this, it makes no sense to beat yourself up for missed opportunities or decisions that did not work out.  Look around and see where you stand and move from here.  Focus on your desires and be consistent. 

This does not mean that desires will not change and that once you get to a location that you may decide to move on or go back.  Nothing is ever in vain.  Nor is anything lost in the process of pursuing your dreams.  Even if you fail, you have succeeded in moving closer and had experiences that show you where not to go, so be grateful for what you have!  Always and all ways be grateful for what you have in any given moment.  Yes, all moments are gifts!  They are gifts from you to you. 

To those who are aware in any situation, condition or place has a gift waiting there to be discovered.  Winning the lottery may seem like a wonderful gift but can be a disaster if mismanaged.  The same goes for a seeming disaster like the death of a child or the murder of your partner.  In the midst of the situation it is not always easy to see the light (the gift).  This is where friends and family come in. 

Transitions are always a big deal and facing something like this alone is simply a formula for failure.  The isolated mind turns in on itself and life gets distorted, things seem worse than they are or perhaps they seem better than they really are.  The only way to get a clear picture of where you stand is to get feedback from those who care. 

This can mean going to the doctor or therapist, talking to your closest friend, or confiding in your immediate family.  I am not saying you look to others for approval, but only for other opinions or view points.  If a person has a long history of shooting your ideas down and telling you how much you mess up, it is not a good idea to confide in this person.  Don’t laugh!  People do it all the time.  The best favor you can do for a friend is to give them an honest objective opinion from your point of view.  It is up to the person asking to take the news maturely and put the information to good use. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

One response to “Isolation of Choice

  1. ram0singhal says:

    Some one asked , how can you make god laugh?
    tell your choices, replies says…………
    let god make a choice …….you will laugh with happiness…….
    prayer is a no choice with choice…….
    left hand governed by right brain represents the “soul”.
    right hand governed by left brain represents “body”.

    fold them together for prayer to experience oneness that is present and taste of god.
    that is namaste (eastern greeting gesture ) to bow to god in oneself.

    Happiness is prayer and thanks to zero.

    Goodness is god .one o represents soul and other o represents body and bringing them together brings the another dimension that mirrors zero. ( visions in both the eyes merge to bring third dimension that is depth, )

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