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Gender Diversity

on May 17, 2011

What does this mean?  The title of this website is Unity in Gender Diversity so it may help to have a concept as to what this means.  In this blog I will break it down into each component so you have a deep understanding of the message behind this title.

First of all, Unity is self explanatory.  It means Oneness and interconnectedness of all things.  You are intimately connected to every aspect of your life like a bubble of sea foam on the surf is connected to the ocean.  Separation is a concept, not a reality.  The reality is Unity.

Gender is also a concept which has been created by society.  The reality is gender has several aspects some of which are fluid and some are not.  Sexual expression or human sex includes – male, female, and intersex.  However sex is NOT gender!  Gender is an individual‘s perception of the inner self as man, woman, or some combination of both, transgender.  Gender and sex are hardwired into the brain at birth, however what is not hardwired is social conditioning and this accounts for much of our behavior.  (For more in depth explanation, please read – Sex and Sexuality)

At birth each child is labeled as male or female and in a few cases intersex.  So society treats this child according to certain unspoken guidelines, boys are treated with privilege, while girls are pampered and the intersex child is often treated as a mistake or disease.  The fact about intersex children is simply that they are a natural variance.  There is nothing “wrong” with these children!  Unfortunately what often happens is the physician, family or both decide what is right instead of allowing the individual to choose when they are old enough to make this decision.

The gender rules are constantly changing so I admit that the above description is only one perspective.  The point I make here is that gender is a social construct layered upon the natural, hardwired gender of the individual.  The way I see it is simply that I was born with male sex and a female brain, while my social conditioning was male the hardwired gender is female.  There is nothing “wrong” with this, it just is.

I do contend that nature knows best so this means I am transgender!  I am not man or woman, I am a combination of both.  The funny thing about gender is that it occurs on a spectrum like a rainbow so very few individuals are fully man or woman, most people are somewhere in between.  When combined with sex and a few other factors our self image emerges.  As you grow this self image may change and thus the title of this blog, Transitions Blog.

The diversity aspect is also somewhat apparent, so I will simply say that the world is a rainbow.  Each and every aspect that makes us human comes in a spectrum and thus the infinite expressions of being a Human Being.  Even twins are not the same although they are more alike than any other humans.
When combined, Unity in Gender Diversity, means that we are all interconnected human beings with diverse gender identities and social presentations.  Just as snowflakes are all similar but different, Human Beings are too!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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