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An Expression of Inner Self

on January 4, 2012

The essence of gender transition is an expression of inner self.  A process of living authentically as the person you are.  It is throwing societal dualistic expectations to the wind and being true to your soul.  It could be described as a deep spiritual experience accented by physical changes.  The journey is painful, loss is always involved, and the rewards are felt deep within your soul.

Gender transition is much like any transition.  Take ultimate transition for instance, the above paragraph could just as easily be describing what happens at death!  There is no choice about it, once you realize that your destiny is to transition it is a forgone conclusion.  The choice becomes, “How will I experience the transition”.

A common statement I have heard over the last few years working at the Gender Identity Center coming from new people who are inquiring of their services.  “I want to be a woman, do you provide hormones?”  A clear demonstration of misunderstanding!  It is not about wanting anything; it is about being who you are!  It is not fixed by taking a pill or having surgery, those are treatments for symptoms that may or may not be apparent at this point.

Gender Incongruency is the present terminology for describing “an incongruence between, on the one hand, what identity one experiences and/or expresses and, on the other hand, how one is expected to live based on one’s assigned gender (usually at birth) (Meyer-Bahlburg, 2009a; Winters, 2005)”.  Gender Identity is self-determined; meaning the person seeking treatment must tell the provider how they identify.  There are personality tests, feedback from family and friends, and general behavior markers that give a clue as to the gender identity, but those are only guidelines.  The individual must look within their heart, see the path they are already on, and then choose to walk it.  Meditation is a great tool for achieving this.

Once the choice is made to walk the destined path, then treatment is appropriate!  Professional guidance makes the journey much easier and more rewarding as does treatment with hormones and surgery.  A person can walk this path alone and many have, but that is like crossing the Himalayas on your own, instead do your homework, make the appropriate preparations, and then with the help of a guide make the journey a fun and exciting one that leads to Shambala!

Please remember that everything we do is ultimately for the feeling it brings us.  In the case of gender transition for the gender incongruent it brings relief, contentment, and joy!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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