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Coping with Constant Change

on January 6, 2012

The only constant in the Universe is Change!  It is about time you learn to cope with it, and the first step is understanding what change is and how it serves you.  Unrealistic expectations are the root of disharmony.  To expect anything to stay the same is resisting the very flow of life.  Even rocks change!

In order to perceive change, time has to exist and a measurement must be made at two different points in time.  Since the very molecules that make up matter are constantly moving,… change must occur.  Change is observed by measuring these differences over time.

What most people do not understand is that the changes are not out there, but within your own mind.  Each person experiences these changes differently because we each have different points of view and perspective attained over a lifetime of both direct and indirect learning.  The Heisenberg principle states that the simple act of observing, changes the results because the observer becomes a part of the outcome.  Once the mind has new data to consider it is then integrated into the outcome.   Of course you do realize there is but One mind, right?   The observer becomes the observed.  The question then becomes, “how does this serve you?”

Change is good because it is a reflection of your thoughts and when you focus on your dreams and desires they are created!  The catch here is if you are focused on what you do not want or are afraid of then this very focus gives this circumstance energy to manifest.  The feared or undesired does not always occur though, because your thoughts are not the only ones affecting life.

The forces for good in the Universe are often more powerful than most give them credit for.  It is arrogant to assume you know what is best for you or anyone else.  Instead try giving your desires, wants, and needs over to a Higher Power.  In effect this is allowing your Spiritual self or Oversoul to guide the way.  It is best to go with the flow!

The best way to cope with change is to flow with it while looking for the good that exists everywhere in each situation.  Expect things to work out in your favor and even if it does not, look for the good that exists in all things, events, or circumstances.

Expectations are like a flashlight, they focus energy on a certain person, event, or circumstance, so use this tool wisely.  Knowing your desired outcome greatly increases the likelihood of a favorable result.  Always expect the best, but be prepared for whatever happens knowing that goodness is there in every case.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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