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on May 17, 2023

Our lives are not our own. The forces which guide our path are beyond our knowledge and yet still knowable. One of the purposes of this life is to see deeper and to “know thyself”. This takes intention along with persistent observation and study. The difficult part, at least for me, is seeing beyond the surface clutter. The daily routines and beliefs we all share are what blind us. Belief is not seeing. What we see simply shows us what our beliefs are and it is up to us to see beyond. Skepticism and denial are tools for detaching from the clutter of ‘reality’ which allow Reality to be known.

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” E.A. Poe

Whom are we to love? Why everyone and all of it, of course, for this is what we are. It does no one a favor to act small or shrink away from Reality by using ‘reality’ as cover. Be you… and I will be me. Oneness eludes us most of the time, yet on occasion when we least expect it we are enveloped in it. The wonderful experience to be it. Of Knowing it. Of being it. There is no ‘better’ experience in the world. How can we revert to living our small insignificant lives after this? For me the answer is simply, we cannot. We can however choose to share. To be the example for other self (others). What you show the world matters not on the surface, yet our choices not only guide our path but the all. Or is it the other way around? See, I often get confused as to whether I am coming or going. Forgive me.

Getting back to love, please do not be deluded into thinking you are a body who “loves” other bodies. Sex is part of the dream, it is the candy wrapper with only residual sweetness. In my book, Sex and Sexuality I get into the purpose of sex. I will sum it up for you here, sex is just one of the many distractions the dream world offers up. Both pain and pleasure are of the dream within a dream. Tools of averting our attention to what really matters, Reality, that which is Eternal. It’s simple to see the difference, I describe it in my book Livin’ Large in the last chapter, Love is – a Poem.

So, this blog has not gone where I thought it would, though it has taken us where we need to be. It reminds us to focus on what is important. Love. Not the love of our small selves, but of Reality. Most of the time we see it unexpectedly. It happens when we are ready for it and when we are not! Life unfolds as it should, so be happy… no, be Joyful! Happiness comes with sadness, as they are different sides of a coin. Joy exists always in every situation. Joy is Reality. The choice is whether we see it or not. Allow the Reality of Joy, Peace, and Love (Agape) to show you the way home.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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