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We are One

We are ONE

on December 23, 2009

My message is simple. We are all One and are growing closer each day. Have you felt that connection lately that just made you smile and feel all warm inside? It can be as simple as a familiar smell or taste that just makes you say, ”ahhhh, I love this”. Often it happens when we are talking to a friend or loved one, but it can also happen when you least expect it. I met a man a few weeks ago at a memorial service for the first time and the way he looked me in the eye and the feeling I got struck me straight to my soul, pass the heart and collect 2 million dollars! It is not likely I will ever forget that look and the feeling I felt, names on the other hand are a different matter, lol. I know Love when I feel it and this was the Love of Great Spirit or Holy Spirit without any doubt. Once you understand this feeling it is unmistakable and incredibly enjoyable.

As the course in miracles says, miracles are a daily event when you are connected to Holy Spirit and this is one way to know if you are connected. We are constantly getting feedback from Spirit letting us know if we are on the path or not. If it feels good, then yes you are on the right path. If it feels bad or makes you sick, or tired then no you are not on the right path. Life really is simple.

One of the concepts I have been playing with lately is Unity in Diversity, so let me share what I have come up with. The experience of oneness is at the core of this Unity and it is experienced through each person in their own unique perspective. For example, if there are 100,000 people at a concert all enjoy this awesome musical event, each person will have a different experience of the same event at the same time. This is Unity in Diversity to me. Or take a common procedure that many people experience in their lifetime like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist, we all are experiencing the same event in different ways and while we can each relate to this experience we are each having slightly different experiences with it. Why else would there be 7+billion people in the world, if not to have 7+billion different experiences? Now I am speaking of the One mind, let me explain that even though we are each individuals we are all using the One mind, the mind of God. I can see this is getting a bit long, so we will continue with this concept of oneness on the next blog.  Sequoia Elisabeth

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