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Mirrors of Friendship

on February 20, 2010

Transition is long and sometimes arduous journey so it is very important to treasure each moment of Joy and each success along the path.  Doing this alone is certainly possible, but it is when we have someone who cares to share our experiences with, the Joy grows exponentially. 

Often when we decide to begin the journey we are in an intimate relationship which becomes our first challenge.  Will they accept us?  The real question is do we accept ourselves?  The only way to know if you accept yourself is how others treat you.  I know this may seem backward or strange, but this is just how it works.  Understand that you are all there is, all else is a reflection of who you are. 

I call this the mirror principle and our lives are often like living in a house of mirrors, it can get pretty confusing.  This being said let’s get back to our partner who is having difficulty with our coming out news.  Each person in your life has their own vision of you, as a reflection of themselves!  Be gentle with your expectations of them and this is where the golden rule comes in.  Do on to others as you would have done on to you, because they are you!  We are One. 

When you think about this it explains a lot about the reactions and treatment you get from others.  Those who understand are supportive and loving.  Those who believe themselves to be like you are going to be supportive and understanding (and vice versa).  Join a support group!  The internet is the place to look and if you need help, contact me I am here for you.  The time spent with others on a similar journey will help you to better understand yourself and you have the opportunity to grow self love.  The Love you give is the Love you will receive!  Not only do support groups offer information you will need along the journey such as where to go to get the things you need, what to look out for along the path and who can help you, they show you who you are!  I find this to be the greatest gift anyone can offer you!  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

2 responses to “Mirrors of Friendship

  1. I wish that, looking down the road to my probable transition, I could see the potentials for moments of joy and success, instead of the total fear and lonliness I see lurking behind every corner. You hit the nail on its head… self-acceptance… how do we accept ourselves. The million dollar questions and the one I seek to answer…

    • Self acceptance comes by understanding that we are all one, brother and sister, and accepting them! Love everyone who comes across your path! I will quote from the teachings of Jesus,
      “The Christian Prayer of Peace”
      I say to you that hear:
      Love your enemies
      Do good to those who hate you,
      Bless those who curse you,
      To those who strike you on the cheek,
      offer the other also;
      And from those who take away your cloak, do not withhold your coat as well.
      Give to everyone who begs from you,
      And of those who take away your goods,
      do not ask them again.
      And as you wish that others would do to you,
      Do so to them.

      Blessed be the Peacemakers,
      For they shall be called the Children of God”

      I will do a blog on this subject of acceptance so do check back. Know that you are Loved! Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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