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Time is of the Essence

on March 15, 2010

There is no time like the present!  In fact there is no time but the present.  Are you listening?  The present time is the only time that exists, so are you making use of your time?  Transition is one of those things that takes time.  The physical transition alone will take at least three years.  Hormones take that long to reach the peak effects even though changes will be occurring during the whole process. 

Planning your transition in advance has many advantages and can actually save you time in the long run.  The biggest mistake that people make when transitioning genders is to get into a hurry.  Don’t take my word for it, talk to others who have transitioned.  Relax, take a deep breath and let go for a minute.  Do an evaluation of where you are right now.  If you are still questioning whether transitioning is right for you then I would highly recommend talking to a gender specialist.  Therapy can help you go deeper into who you are and the path that you have chosen. 

Notice I said chosen, because your life’s journey was chosen before you were born!  It is your job now to discover that path and follow it to the best of your ability.  This often takes on the appearance of you making a string of good decisions or possibly bad ones that lead you to where you are today.  Whether they are good or bad does not matter.  If you are a woman in a male body then it is best you do something about it.  The same goes for men in female bodies.  The sooner the better!  Let me stress that once more, THE SOONER THE BETTER.  Ask for help if you are having difficulty facing this. 

We now have children facing these issues at an ever increasing rate.  This is great because the transition can be made complete when puberty is guided in the appropriate direction.  The right way to do this does not exist as an absolute.  The path I recommend is to have the child evaluated and after they insist they are transgender for two years solid the next step is hormone suppression.  Put puberty on hold till they are sixteen or a legal adult and then they can make the proper decisions from there.  Allow gender expression that suits the individual, not that meets the expectation of society. 

I have a planning guide on my website that can be used to plan your transition.  Come up with a plan in advance.  Make sure you have money and maintain a source of income, because this gets expensive.  The electrolysis can be as expensive as the surgery so be aware of that.  The planning guide goes into specifics so I will not do so here. 

Be aware that time can be your friend when it is used as such.  Even if you have postponed this transition for many years, once you make the decision to transition, make a plan, and take one step at a time.  I wish you a blessed journey!

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