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on May 15, 2012

Equality is a fairly simple concept and I would like to shed some new light on this topic.  It can apply to just about any subject once it is understood, including marriage, race, color, age, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin/ethnicity or handicap/disability.

What is really at issue here?  Do all humans have equal rights?  Do we really want every human to have equal rights?  How does one decide who has rights and who does not?  At what age does a human have rights?  Do they ever end and did they ever begin?

These are tricky questions and each person will have their own point of view to offer, so as a society what is right, if that is possible?  As you may or may not know nothing is right or wrong lest you make it so.

This blog takes the Spiritual perspective and so I will avoid the dualistic political debates here and point out that Truth lies in Unity Consciousness.  Meaning there is no them, other, opposing view.  Only what you perceive.  New Thought Spirituality, ACIM, the Vedas and others teach that God is all there is, so all is God.  This means there cannot be a duality or the duality is contained within the One.

Using the Yin-Yang symbol we can say God is that which is both inside & outside the circle.  The portion inside is Man or the duality of good/bad, male/female, etc.  The other observation you may have made here is that all is balanced in this symbol and indeed this is the ideal.  However, all is fluid in reality and thus it is constantly shifting, shaping, and forming.

Equality is desirable because this is our concept of Peace, however I will point out that all is balanced right now because all is of the ONE.  The shape, form, and expression is constantly changing; however all elements are present, so all is balanced.  This is the power of Oneness and why this concept has been taught on some level since time began.  We are all ONE, meaning equality is inherint or inalienable! How society chooses to express this equality is in the details and we all know not to sweat the details.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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2 responses to “Equality

  1. sacredgrace says:

    Nice post and some good questions Sequoia… I bet you’d like reading David Hawkins, if you haven’t already…especially regarding duality and perceptions. I agree, all points of view and opinions are immediately dualistic and linear in nature. I was raised as a Catholic and I now have a Guru and my spiritual path has led me to believe in a Unity Consciousness like you mention in your post. A question comes to mind when I read your post. How does one find the balance and live the balance while in this human form/body of divinity? A recent daily meditation by Richard Rhor says, “When you cannot enjoy the lilies of the field or the sparrows in the sky, don’t waste time thinking you can enjoy God. Start at the bottom; try to love a rock. Otherwise, we end up trying to be spiritual before we have learned how to be human!” Finding balance as a human before trying to be spiritual is a spiritual path in itself. I too often identify with the “body” and have to consistently change and stop my egoistic chattering thoughts and surrender to the Love of God as I AM. Thanks again for this reminder of our Equality in God.

    Sacred Grace

    • Thank you for your perspective. I read your blog and it seems to me that you have awakened to the Divine I Am. I love the teaching by Jesus, Be in this world, but not of it. I think this is the balance we are discussing. Love fully and completely without being attached! I have been on this journey for many years now and I feel it getting close. Blessing on your Journey of Love ♥
      Sequoia Elisabeth

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