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Vocation in the LBE

In the new LBE where resources are equally shared technology takes over the hard labor and frees people to follow their dreams.  Jobs are voluntary because we celebrate our diversity and share our unique gifts with society.  This is a continuation of our series on a Love Based Ecomony/Society. 

People do what they do best, create.  Each person follows their inner guidance and meets the needs of not only themselves, but society as well.  Creation comes in many forms, from art to zeitgeist.  Art, music, performance art, and the like are popular as forms of self expression now and even more so in a LBE because people now understand that everything you create is Art/self expression.  You may have heard the expression, practicing the art of medicine.  All vocations are an art form whether you create music, care for the needy, or design power generators.    

Service is the major vocation throughout the world today and this will only grow in a LBE.  Since the grunt work is done by machines very few people are needed to keep things running.  When people come from the place of Love, they are more inclined to find the good in everything they experience.   It is a cup runneth over mentality!

In the LBE people are in tune with the soul and thus always come from a space of Joy whether they are happy or sad.  We still feel the gamut of emotions, only now we have mastered their use.  The past 2000 years has been about learning to master emotion so that we can move into the next level of existence.  

Congratulations, we have arrived!  It is time to let go and let God.  Celebrate all you have learned thus far and know that you are ready for the next step, a Love Based Society/Economy.  You begin right now by asking yourself one simple question in every situation, “What would Love do now?”  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Relationships in a LBE

Relationships in the LBE revert back to their only true purpose of sharing God’s Love.  In more recent times it seems the ego has hijacked relationships to create separation and further its cause in this world, to keep you stuck here.  For this discussion of a Love based economy, we are looking at society within the LBE, so it could be said that it is also a Love based society. 

The fundamental premise of a LBE is Love of God, not man.  When unconditional, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Love is embraced your Divine purpose is fulfilled.  In a LBE each citizen understands, accepts and acts from this Divine Love. 

Relationships are an expression of who you are, so that no matter who you meet they are a reflection of you, the Divine.  This is fully understood in a LBE and embraced.  Relationships are experienced awake and aware of all the dynamics of being human.  There are no victims, only volunteers.

Courage will still be necessary to nurture any relationship be it Love, friendship, or acquaintance.  Adversarial relationships are no longer necessary in LBE because each person sees the Divine in each person they meet.  Growth is occurring now as a conscious choice and not because another person pushes you. 

We have realized that lack and suffering are not necessary and are a thing of the past in a LBE.  Growth happens on all levels as a function of the expanding Universe.  Regardless of what we do, growth in consciousness carries us along like a bubble in an expanding sphere.  

Each person you meet in a LBE is family so the birth family is less important, although they still serve a function in the early years of life.  The birth mother and father may or may not be the ones raising the child, since we all embrace each other as family.  It will depend on the living situation, need and often there will be many who raise the child. 

The elderly have taken the role of being child care providers so that the children can learn from those who are the wisest.  It is no longer the young woman’s duty to raise the children.  They are strong and their skills are put to other uses which harmonize with the woman.  It may include child care or it may not.  The key is that everyone in the child’s life is supportive and helpful.  No longer can a child be lost or forgotten.

Dating is something done from the desire to share of one’s self, for the sharing of Joy.  Marriage is no longer the norm, because unions take place at a spiritual level and are not controlled by the church or government.  A person Loves a certain person or number of people for as long as they desire.  The innate desire to start a family and having children has become intimately tied into nature and the desires of Mother Earth.  Populations are controlled by need and availability of resources in an intuitive way, much like animals control their populations. 

Polyamorous, Pansexual relationships are the norm in a Love Based Society.  In fact it is anything goes because each person is Loving and supportive of others, the concept of ownership is long past and each person is only interested in expressing God’s Love.  Diversity is not only embraced it is celebrated! 

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

The next look at a Love Based Economy (LBE) is how the home is affected.  Certain concepts are key in this new economy and as the economy changes so will our homes.  This principle has been around for a long time, but is as important as ever.  Home is where the heart is. 

Basically this means where you focus your love and attention you are supported and safe.  When you enter a new house, say of a friend, with an open mind and positive attitude the reception you get reflects this.  It also means that even if you don’t have a house of your own, you can still make anywhere your home by how you treat that area, be it a mansion or a box on the street.    

The environment in which you live either supports or impedes you.  When you put loving, caring attention into a place that is what you get out of it.  This is done by keeping the area clean, organized, attractively decorated and comfortable.  You can tell if the area is supportive by how you feel there, and how you feel after you leave.  Being aware of your surroundings at all times is part of the experience in a LBE, because being aware makes the area alive and lifts your spirits quite literally. 

Houses are sustainable, eco friendly and supportive of everyone in the new LBE.  In order to create a comfortable environment all factors must be considered, because we know that life itself depends on our actions or footprint if you will.  Thinking of others even when it is only a tadpole or tree is what a LBE is all about.  Loving and supporting the environment leads to a loving and support place to live, simple huh?  

We are no longer attached to homes as a sense of identity in the LBE.  A home is where you sleep and live for a certain numbers of hours a day, but it is not who you are, just as your body or your car is not who you are either.  In a LBE economy self worth is intrinsic and it is not sought in the outside world.  Quite the opposite actually, because the home is made to support you and make you comfortable, life is about your activities and not about having the nicest home, or the biggest.  It is what you give, not what you get.  The egoic aspects to the home are a thing of the past. 

In a LBE everyone has the basics a home provides, as equally as possible.  This is about equal resource allocation and meeting each person’s basics needs, not about showing off or living a grandiose life.  Everyone and no one is a millionaire in a LBE.  In a LBE the citizens care about each other as much as they care about themselves.  If one person is deprived then everyone is.  This is the basic premise to Oneness and LBE.

Through the power of technology social class is eliminated.  The LBE has no need for social class or power mongering.  Since the basics of life are provided equally each person can explore self fulfillment in any way they choose.  The natural order of life will direct each person through there desire to serve humanity.  The more a person loves life the more life will love them back!  In a LBE everyone knows this and opens the door to exponential growth!

♥ Sequoia Elisabeth

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Family In The Love Based Economy

We begin an in depth look at each aspect of the Love Based Economy (LBE) starting with family, because family is central to most every society in the world today.  For our discussion relating family to the Love Based Economy we are speaking of birth family, those persons related by bloodlines.  Although many children are orphaned and are raised by loving souls who deserve the title of mother and father just as much as anyone does.  It has always been my belief that all humans are family.  Please know that those whom you consider family because they fit the role are by all means your family. 

Historically speaking the birth family is a unit that acts as one, each person supporting the others in one way or another, even if that means being the antagonist.  Family’s stick together and learn from each other in very deep ways.  The potential for spiritual growth is greatest with the birth family because the ties run deep and so many traits are shared between members. 

Your parents are closest to you because you are cut from the same mold so to speak. This close connection serves you by showing you who you are.  It is like having a blueprint to work from, or a starting point.  Where you go and what you do with your life as you grow is free will.  Your choice!   These choices were carefully made before you were born so that your life would have a guiding path.

What many couples fail to realize or at least heed is the influence of their relationship on the children.  The children learn to love by watching the parents!  So if your parents were not very good at loving each other, the children will look elsewhere for role models, the grandparents, neighbors, teachers, coaches, clergy, and public figures like movie stars, athletes and politicians. 

It is rare these days for anyone to actually teach how to love, what a good relationship is or the meaning of it all.  This role has traditionally been the parent’s job, although clergy and spiritual leaders do also teach love.  And there is no guarantee that they have it figured out!  If the child is paying attention life it-self will teach Love.  One of the most valuable gifts you can give your children is to have a healthy relationship with your partner so they can learn from you.  Telling someone facts or giving instructions means little unless it is backed up with experience, either direct or indirect. 

Siblings are also our teachers as they provide support and test us constantly to help us gauge where we stand in our understanding.  It is important to understand that one person’s mistakes can be another person’s perfect action.  Plus if your sibling does things one way, you have the freedom to do it your way or follow their lead.  We are indeed all in this together. 

The other point that needs be stressed here is that there is no right or wrong way to love!   Most of us learn by trial and error, as long as you keep on putting yourself out there and stay aware of what is working for you and what is not. 

In the new economy it is imperative to stay awake and aware.  The dynamics of the family will be similar, but the one thing that will change is our definition of family per se.  It will no longer be restricted to birth family and will encompass all other human beings.  Birthright will take on a wider more encompassing meaning.  A LBE depends on each member supporting each other, as family members do.  This means doing what you can to assist others and maintaining an open and welcoming policy in your home. 

Every human being is a reflection of the One and seeing them in that light is pivotal to a LBE.  Many stories have been written over the years that demonstrate this in both the positive (what to do), and in the negative (what not to do), however few of these stories actually have true unconditional love demonstrated.  We know it when we experience it because the feeling of Joy lifts us, literally en-lightening us, giving the feeling of floating and being energized from within. 

In the future I see the centralized birth family being de-emphasized and a more universal family approach taking center stage, because as we evolve the lessons we learn from family will be less prevalent.  Our learning will extend further from the doorway (Family).  As a higher evolved being the feeling of safety and security is extended out to include the community and beyond.  A loving being living in a loving world has no enemies.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Love Based Economy Dream

Every change, event, or shift in your life is based on a dream, either yours or someone else’s that you claim.  Please remember that not choosing is a choice which results with you living someone else’s dream!

So Dream a little dream.  The bigger the better!  The more precise you are the better too.  I could write an entire book on this; however, this is only a blog so I will not go into elaborate detail here.  I am working on a more detailed dream log that will be published on my website and perhaps other locations as well.  This will get us started.

I highly encourage you to write your dream life down and think of it often.  Focus on the dream and not on what may appear as reality.  Taking care of business is of course important, but do not fret over the daily matters.  The transition that is occurring now is affecting every soul on earth and beyond.  Know that what you are being given here is an opportunity for your dreams to manifest on a scale that has previously been unheard of. 

A Love Based Economy comes from the heart, but is not that different than the life we now live.  In fact it is the same but instead of people reacting to events and continuously making choices from immediate self centered needs, they are acting by conscious choice keeping everyone and everything in mind.  It is a matter of awareness and maturity. 

One could call this new LBE an evolution of the previous system.  Hate, envy, jealousy, grief, and anger still exist in the new LBE but they are no longer a hang up for people.  Each person has learned to use these tools for the growth they desire, not just for themselves but for everyone involved.  Applying this maturity to the economy will mean drastic changes in those systems of exchange and self worth that presently are tearing the world apart. 

Money will still be used, but in a decentralized system that allows individual communities to thrive.  The currency will be different in each community and life will not depend on it.  People will work as a matter of passion and care for the Highest and Best of everyone.  Resources will be shared equally and ownership will no longer exist. 

Each person will realize that they are one cog on the vast and dynamic machine of life.  We each realize now that Life itself supports us and all those we Love and care about.  We no longer put our children above all others and realize that each child is a member of the whole, none more valuable or gifted than another.  Each child is encouraged to develop skills they are inclined to and given freedom of choice from the very beginning. 

Rules, laws and regulations still exist, but have taken on a different role.  They are more from the aspect of suggestion and recommendation.  Moral and ethical guidelines are stressed from the earliest years of the child’s life.  Each person grows up knowing spiritual principles critical to a developed mature life.  Every child will have access to this information regardless of the conditions because the world is now about unconditional love first and foremost. 

More on this LBE in future blogs, and in the mean time be thinking of your dream life and how you can be living that life right now.  I can guarantee you that I am. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness

On this wonderful transition called The Journey of Love, a few practices are important to understand and respect.  By now if you have been reading my blogs you know that energy makes up everything and can be thought of as God.  Everything vibrates at a certain frequency which is inherent within its structure.  So what is cleanliness?  How can anything be dirty in God’s world? 

First of all, this is not God’s world!  It is man-made, every blade of grass, every animal and every person is created by the ego, as described in A Course in Miracles, ACIM.  It is worth the effort to figure out what I am speaking of, but it is too complex to explain in a few paragraphs, ACIM is a yearlong course.  Just know that your “reality” is created by your ego mind and each person see’s a slightly different version of the same thing. Earth is often considered dirt, but dirt can also be any substance, liquid, or semi-solid that is located where it is not wanted.  It will also change the overall appearance of the object it rides on. 

Dirty on a basic level is a drop in energetic frequency which then attracts particulate matter similar to its energy.  This usually occurs over time, unless energy is being expended to clean or increase the areas’ energy vibrations.  If you ask three people if something is dirty, you will get three different answers, because the state of being dirty is subjective.  Dirty is simply a lower vibration. 

Take your body for instance, washing it removes any foreign materials and thus raises the bodies overall vibration to a more natural state.  This is true for anything being washed.  So to wash anything raises its vibrational signature to a more natural state or close to original state.  The original state is unattainable in this world because of the many energetic influences being exerted on all matter.  Once matter is changed, it cannot be changed back, only taken to a similar state.  Think of this at the molecular level, so while it may appear good as new, it has been changed.  So what is this change?

Looking at dirty from the spiritual point of view, it is impure, soiled, tainted, unclean, and is being viewed as sinful.  Thus anything in this world could be considered impure or sinful.  Not that purity does not exist, for it certainly does, however it is not of this world.  Ever since Eve ate the apple and Adam & Eve where thrown out of the Garden of Eden, this world has been impure or sinful.  Of course this is a perspective which was taught long ago by religious leaders to explain the world they saw around them. 

Energetically speaking the 3d dimension, where we all live, is a dense world made up of matter at a low vibrational frequency.  As energy vibration increases, cleanliness becomes a natural state.  If the body can be vibrated at sufficient frequencies it too will move to attain a state that cannot be dirty. 

Metaphorically speaking cleaning is a kin to forgiveness, because forgiveness is how one raise’s above sin.  Keeping your body and your environment clean is thus a conscious act of forgiveness! 

Cleaning is also a way to increase the vibration of anything, your body, house, yard, etc.  Living in an energetically vibrant environment is crucial to higher living.  But don’t take my word for it, just notice the next time you are in a “dirty” place and see how the space feels.  Energized?  Depressed?  The same goes for a place that is immaculately clean, or someplace brand new/never used. 

The secret to moving to higher states of existence comes in creating an energized space and is as simple as keeping it clean.  As you grow, you will find yourself in places that are ever more energetic, clean and beautiful. 

 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ps. Cleanliness is vital in creating a Love Based Economy, because it is a higher state of energy vibration.  Try keeping your space clean and see if your life changes for the better.

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The Art of Appreciation

This next blog is part of the Love Based Economy series and really gets to the core of how it all works.  It could be said that this is the most important aspect of the system.  Love  it  and  it  will Love you back.  It really is that simple. 

They way it works is to replace the word it with anything and everything in your life/economy.  Like this, Love your enemy and your enemy will Love you back.  Or Love a dog and it will love you back.  Love broccoli and it will Love you back.  Love your wife and she will Love you back.  Love your home and it will Love you back.  This works with anything that you insert, and the point is to insert it all!

The logical question is how does it work?  I love my wife but she does not love me back.  The answer is again very simple, but not necessarily easy.  If you are Loving something and you are not experiencing the Love in return it means that you are not coming from Spiritual Love, but maybe ego love. Spiritual Love is that which makes up your soul, it is your core, it is unlimited, unconditional, and un-attachable.  You cannot lose it – only give it way, you cannot limit it – only yourself, you cannot run out of it, ever!  The ego version of love is the opposite of this.  The remedy is to Love “it, them” some more!

So now you know what Love is, the goal is to share it or give it away, for when you do this you will have more!  Like a basket of yarn that never ends, the more you pull from your soul the more you have!  Since you have more than you need, you might as well give some away.

Going back to the key phrase, Love it and it will Love you back, the way to make it all work is to apply it consciously.  The method of Love is to simply focus your attention on it.   Invest yourself in it.  For example, Love your dog and your dog will Love you back.  Put your attention on your dog, give of your time, effort, and things that add value.  Since appreciation is the act of adding value.  The very word means increasing value!  So to Love something or someone, appreciate them, make them valuable! 

There are million+ ways to Love and objects to Love.  In fact the options are endless.  You have no doubt spent most of your life learning what is not Love.  This is what this world is all about (ego).  The ego world is self centered, artificially created, and important to no one except you.  Without Love, this world is meaningless!  Without you, it is meaningless.  Because you are the very Love you give!  You are what is important, not in a self centered way, but as a vehicle of Spiritual Love!  We each share this potential and the more we realize it the greater its value. 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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How To Change

The question was raised how to get from a money based system to a system based on resources or what I call a Love Based Economy.  To quote a famous Chinese sage, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao-tzu. 

If you read the news and keep up with current events you will know that change is happening now and it is the perfect opportunity to make the jump to higher consciousness living.

Much has been written about this way of living which many call sustainable living.  So much of life today is a habit, and whatever is placed in front of you is accepted and integrated into your life.  Unless you are one of the growing numbers who are living consciously.  Do you consider the long term effects of every product you buy?  Is what you are using sustainable, meaning recyclable, reusable, or renewable? 

When you are out in public at the zoo, park, ball game, etc. do you still follow the guidelines of living sustainable, or is it just when it is convenient?  There are so many ways that you can embrace the change without worrying about money!  The first step is to adjust your thinking and behavior!  A “YES” attitude is imperative to making the change, as is an honest concern and curiosity about living sustainably. 

The good part to this change is that many of the changes actually use less money and with a Loving and giving approach it is amazing the abundance available to all of us.  I would never dream of wasting anything because I have been conditioned to live frugally.  If you do a survey you will find that most wealthy people live a conscious and frugal lifestyle, even if it is not sustainable.  The jump to sustainable living is not far. 

The other important step you can take today to start shifting to a Love Based Economy is to stop supporting the old system!  This is a lot to ask for many of us, but the alternative is catastrophic.  I would rather shift my behavior little by little than having the floor fall out from under me, which is precisely what is happening to many people right now. 

How reliant are you on fossil fuels?  Most of us are totally dependent on them for every aspect of our life.  How about putting solar power into your home?  There are programs to help you financially with this change.  Even if it is only a water heating system, it is a step in the right direction.  Do you grow your own food?  Why not?  Another way to lessen your dependence on money is to grow it!  It does not have to be a major project, but it can be.  Whatever suits you! 

Another option to ease into being free of money is Fourth Corner Exchange,  They offer a community based system of exchange that keeps resources in the community and encourages growth locally.  “Local, alternative and community currencies replace the money drained away, allowing the people to continue trading the essentials of life. Fourth Corner Exchange Life Dollars cannot be removed from the communities in which they circulate, because the members issue Life Dollars as and when they need them by trading their goods and services within their communities. This is democratic money, issued in sufficiency by the people to meet all their local trading needs.”

The other trend that we will be seeing is interest free money, issued by community banks, and local authorities for the betterment of the region.  Once the profit motive is removed and people feel they are being treated fairly and with care (Loved Based) the incentive to repay the loan is high which leads to personal success and promotes the abundance of the community.  Kiva Bank is a good example of this.  I recommend reading up on their site.

I hope you will continue your pursuit of living free!  Please share your ideas for a Love Based Economy and how it will benefit the greater community!  New ideas are the fuel that drives change.  There are plenty of these going around, LOL.  I will also recommend you read up on The Light Party’s ideas on money and ways to remedy the financial collapse we are currently experiencing.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Love Based Economy

What is the most abundant source in all The Universe?  What do you get more of when you give it away?  The title is a good hint.  Doesn’t it make sense to base the economy on the most abundant material in the Universe – Love!  Love is a simple concept that is not well understood and for good reason.  We are still discovering the source.  Since the source is the Universe it is not likely we will discover it all – ever! 

Suppose we are going to make the shift to a higher (energy vibration) Loved based form of living, what would that look like?  As a side note, we are already love based since this is the nature of the Universe, so the jump would not be away from who we are, but towards it!  The new economy celebrates our very being and supports us from our core, not from some imaginary inanimate object like money.  Gold has been the standard for many centuries and while that used to work, it is no longer working for one basic reason.  It brings the worse out in Humans instead of the best.

Money, Gold, Platinum, Chickens, Cows, whatever the medium of exchange is based on scarcity and promotes greed, power, control, hunger, war, competition, crime and a lower energy vibration.  This was our past and it served us at the time, it no longer serves us, so we must set it aside and move on. 

We have a dualistic society at this stage in the game, meaning love is balanced by hate, abundance by scarcity, joy and happiness by pain and suffering.  Why do we have to have both, what about a monistic society where we only have Love?  There are two philosophies that teach monism in today’s society, one is very old and predates all modern philosophy, The Vedas.  The modern day philosophy also of monistic base is A Course in Miracles.  A love based economy will teach both, because they are different versions of the same story. 

It is likely that many versions of a love based economy will manifest over the coming years as we sort out what works in the best interest of everyone and as the old system breaks down.  Much like all evolution the shift will be fairly quick in the big scheme of things.  The actual shift in consciousness is occurring now as you read this in Feb. 2011 and will show up in society in the many years to come.  Often these changes happen in spurts, so now would be one of those spurts, but before our cup can be filled we must empty the one we are holding….

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity    

For more info on a cashless society please read my previous blog by that title “A cashless Society” Jan. 31, 2011.  Also visit to see the resource based economy advocated by Peter Joseph.  Our greatest resource is Love 😉

More blogs to come on this subject of a Love Based Economy….

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